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Subway Reviews Powell

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 4.3 with 205 reviews about Subway
City: Powell

Reviews of Subway Powell

Judy Sheets

I really like their subways ALL fresh breads, vegetables n meat. I get veggies ones n love them. They have several choices of sauces as well. You'll like it.

Dan “MilkmanDan” Jodzio

I got the new Sweet Onion Teriyaki Steak sub. Delicious! The service is fast and good. Most of the time it's also friendly. I used the coupons this time but even without this sandwich is worth it.

Frisbee Fanatic

This place was great. Friendly service, prompt help. While we ate in the lobby we were able to see them knock down the line pretty quick. I reccomend this Subway!

LPV Official

Usually pretty dang good. The only complaint is the middle aged dude who looks like Joe from Impractical Jokers does not put much effort into making sandwiches. He just slaps them together.


Never had a problem with this Subway location. It's typically pretty busy so the food seems fresh. The servers seem to be pretty attentive & helpful as well.



261 W Coulter Ave, Powell, WY 82435, United States