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Tokyo Japanese Restaurant Reviews Pierre SD

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 4.7 with 339 reviews about Tokyo Japanese Restaurant
City: Pierre SD

Reviews of Tokyo Japanese Restaurant Pierre SD

Moriko Maukar

Absolutely love this place! Love the service. Very friendly and polite ! Not to mention very timely. Never had to wait to long. The best of so many same Tokyo restaurant I have experience in SD.

Thomas Skinner

Tokyo in Pierre gets no better! The sushi is awesome. The service wonderful. The cleanliness of the restaurant is top notch!

Catherine Enderby

Had lunch and my husband and I enjoyed it very much. Excellent food and service. I highly recommend you try this place!

Taylor O'Neal

I was super excited to try this place, I called and placed a pick up order for 2 sushi rolls right at opening. It took about 30 minutes to complete my order and when I looked I was very surprised by how small the portion sizes were to be priced how they are but I thought maybe it makes up in taste, I was wrong. I get home and try one and it's alright not the best though, I'd definitely had better. I try the second one and it's not good, I mean it's edible I guess, I literally only finished them simply because I paid for it. Sadly I doubt I will ever go back which really sucks because I love sushi

Bagus Saputro

One word : Phenomenal! Had a dinner there a while ago. The sushi was totally outstanding. The service was over the top and with reasonable price. Definitely my Go-To sushi place in town.



1615 N Harrison Ave #27, Pierre, SD 57501, United States