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The Good Egg - Cheyenne Reviews Cheyenne WY

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Reviews of The Good Egg - Cheyenne Cheyenne WY

Debra Hafling

I DO NOT recommend this restaurant for breakfast! I am not that picky of an eater, but this morning my bacon on my sandwich was very fatty and grossly undercooked. The eggs tasted like the pepper shaker lost it’s lid as they had TOO much pepper on them (& I like pepper)! I ate less than half of my meal. Thinking of my meal it is actually turning my stomach as I write this! This place only received a high rating as 1 star because the staff was friendly. Service was very slow.

Reyannon Brooksby

Our first time there was fantastic! Visiting from out of town & SO glad we found it! Natalia is sweet, helpful & funny! Very personable! Michael is an excellent chef! Food was phenomenal & we didn’t have to wait long at all! The Good Egg is a must anytime we are in town! We will definitely be passing a long the word about this place!

Laura Elley

We were somewhat disappointed. There was no clear sinage when coming in whether to seat yourself or wait so our experience started out with uncomfortable confusion. We did get a table and it took some time for our waitress to realize our table was hers. We ordered and the food came in a reasonable time. However, food that I'm allergic to was on the plate when I requested it be subbed out. My friend requested sunny side up, my understanding is that the egg should be cooked soft and not flipped. The white of the egg was completely clear. Very nearly looked like the egg was cracked directly on top of her meal. It wasn't, but it was darn close. At one point our waitress told us she she was heading to the bathroom! That is very unprofessional. The salmon Benedict was really good, though I will say super salty. I like salt, and I thought my stomach was going to be pickled. All in all, I won't rush back to this place.

Charles S.

This review goes for the past 2 times my wife and I were there; The first time we went, the hostess was exceptionally polite, and chef came out to check up on us mid-meal and made sure all was cooked well. Phenomenal. The second time (picture) was just as pleasing as the first. Shane waited on us in the morning, and what a treat it was! Great customer service.

Tim Cowley

I stopped in for lunch after a trying day, and Natalia, Josie and Michael the chef created a warm, friendly and personable environment. The food was hot and fresh and the conversations were fun and interesting. The folks at Accomplice/ The Food Egg are friendly and very nice, it made a bad day into a wonderful day! Thanks to you all!👍



115 W 15th St, Cheyenne, WY 82001, United States