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The Dabney Reviews Washington DC

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Reviews of The Dabney Washington DC

Tyrone L

Nice ambiance and decor. Staff was polite and helpful.The open wood fire gives the place a nice feel to it, but the food was average at best. Out of 5 dishes I ordered, one dish was a good surprise:The fried oysters and veggies. However everything else was bland and very little originality from dish to dish. At last my dessert was frozen in the middle! I had enough. I will not visit again.

Anna Chavez

Reservations are hard to get, but it is worth the effort. It's a charming restaurant, off the beaten path, down an alley. You can watch them prepare the food in an open kitchen. We watched the chef as he approved of every dish that was sent out. We absolutely loved every dish we ordered. You cannot go wrong with anything that you order. Our server was wonderful, and gave us her recommendations for other restaurants, once she found that we were visiting from our of town.

Evan Clark

It was packed the Monday after Christmas but we literally only had to wait two seconds before being seated without a reservation. (You may want to consider getting one) I really wanted brunch but didn't get there until after 11 am (which is still breakfast time IMOP, but I digress.) I've never wheat pasta before because I really didn't think they belong on the same plate-- however, I've been punching the air, wishing I lived in DC, so that I could go get it again. The pasta was so light with a hint of pesto. The chicken was crunchy with the perfect amount of salt. Moist--cooked to perfection. Even the green beans were good.

David Daigle

The Prix Fixe was delicate and appetizing. I'm a west coast boy, so take this with a grain of salt-- It's 2022. There are a million brilliant chefs out there. There was nothing special about Dabney and the portions were small. Is this a good value for DC? Up to you to decide, but better options exist in just about every small metro that dots the USA. My advice to The Dabney-- you got your star. Instead of resting on your laurels to save a buck, I'd recommend continuing to innovate if you want to stay relevant.

Adrian Lazar Adler

A great meal seated at the bar. Opted for the a la carte menu, although the prix fixe was also available. Had a tasty cocktail as a variation on an old fashioned, followed by a delicious sea trout with spring vegetables. Tried an interesting Virginian wine, although the staff also offered me a free tasting of another French wine (from the Rhone valley) that was a better pairing.



122 Blagden Alley NW, Washington, DC 20001, United States