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Texas Roadhouse Reviews Billings MT

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Reviews of Texas Roadhouse Billings MT

Mlc Bo

Tonight's dinner was better than my last visit. Last visit I ordered the T-bone RARE and it was med-well and all most all tough and chewy fat. The baked potato and green beans were seasoned too much! I was given a half priced reduction in my meal. However, my two guests meals were to their satisfaction. They ordered their steaks, well-done. Tonight's, 16 oz. Sirloin was over-cooked to nearly medium, and my baker was lightly seasoned as I ordered. The sirloin was tasty, but over-cooked. Over-all our three meals were enjoyed. Our waitress was very professional and attentive to not only our table, but the surrounding tables as well.

Mel-Mel H

Where to even start.... well, lets talk about the wait staff. Always very friendly and happy to help. Great attitudes and always very upbeat and polite. The food is on another level! The cooks do an amazing job at cooking my steak to the prefect rare/medium rare center I like and the ribs literally fall off the bone. The prices are great for the amount of food to so you don't have to worry about over paying for your meal. The servers are just wonderful and super friendly. The place is clean and alive with music and laughter which is so nice. I used to live in TX and have eaten at the first ever Texas Roadhouse and this one is just as delicious. Reminds me of home and thats pretty great. Love Texas Roadhouse and we will keep going back!

Elma Imamovic

We stopped by for dinner after a long day of exploring and our server was Daniel. And let me start of just by saying this…. He was absolutely amazing! We didn’t have a big meal by any means, we we’re pretty exhausted from the journey of the day, but everything came out so fresh and SO delicious. With so many great restaurants in the area I am so glad we picked this one, Daniels courteous service and all his Yellowstone recommendations were greatly appreciated and we enjoyed our quick stay so much!!! Management you are lucky to have him, treat him well - this kind of server in 2022 is hard to find! Best of luck with everything Daniel, stay safe all staff!! We cannot wait to visit again!! (Our meal was wings, steak fries, steak kebabs with mashed potatoes and green beans and some drinks)

Danette Bentle

Great food, good prices, but good luck getting seated if you have a large group! My family loves to eat here whenever we visit since we don't have a TR where we live. In fact, it took us THREE tries before we were able to eat here this last visit. The first time we came in around 6:30 and were told the wait time would be 1.5 hrs, which we decided was too long for the kiddos, so we would try again the next night. So we came back at 5:00 the following night and were told the wait time would be 2 hours! We told the staff we would be willing to split our group up if that would get us seated quicker, to which they rudely replied it would not! So day three, we got to the restaurant 20 minutes before they opened and were the first group through the doors! However, we were not seated right away. In fact, every group that came in after us got seated first! 20 minutes goes by and we are being told that the server has not shown up for the area in which they want to seat us. SERIOUSLY! 20 MINUTES!! We were the FIRST guests to walk into your restaurant and we had to WAIT to be seated! The only reason we got seated after 20 minutes was because we request that another server help us instead of making us wait for the server that was late for their shift!

Robert Picard

Used their wait-list call in option, had party of 8, but can use website if 6 or less. Worked great and estimated time given was spot on. Food was amazing, atmosphere was good, loud and everyone there was having fun and encouraged to participate in a birthday celebration somewhere in the establishment. Server was tons of fun and attentive. Clean, popular and great place for dinning.



1824 King Ave W, Billings, MT 59102, United States