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Ted's Bulletin Reviews Washington DC

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Reviews of Ted's Bulletin Washington DC

Don'tsay Myname

This place was awesome. One of the only restaurants I truly enjoyed while in Washington (especially coming from New York first). We shared a homemade strawberry tart, and then had a big mark breakfast and a pancake stack. Everything was cooked to perfection and the coffee was good. Everyone was also extremely friendly. If I am ever back in Washington, I will certainly come here again.

Nicholas Roessler

Friendly staff and delicious food. The only reason I'm giving it four stars is because they were ridiculously late making an order I took for a delivery that was scrambled eggs, grits, and a cookie. I don't know what kind of a kitchen staff struggles to get a ticket like that out on time, but I want no part of it. If my friends want to go there, then I'll happily agree. I'm just thankful there are a lot of restaurants between my house and this place.

Nick Anderson

The food was incredible. The steak had a mix of flavors I didn’t know I needed. I would have left 5 stars but the wait was way too long. We were here for over an hour before we got our food. Food and atmosphere were great.

Blackberry Nook

The pancakes were pretty good. The hash browns can be a little more crispy and they were under salted/seasoned. The bacon was good, but how can you even mess up bacon. The breakfast burrito kind of smelled weird like something in it was going bad. I did not like the texture. There was only a few small pieces of steak in my burrito and a whole lot of egg. I paid for the meal, but was disappointed. The atmosphere is nice, but ultimately better than the actual food. The food was edible, but I am not running back anytime soon.

Dimension Travel

They always make my omelet the way I like.



1818 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009, United States