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Taco John's Reviews Powell

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 3.8 with 276 reviews about Taco John's
City: Powell

Reviews of Taco John's Powell

Country Women

Today, I ordered 2 Quesadillas and #9 and sides of Super Hot… I just have to say, Thank you!!!. That’s first time in 3 years that there is actually some HEAT in the side of Super Hot. Keep it that way, don’t water it down. It’s actually Super Hot. I bet this would taste good on Tamales?. *hit hit?.

Alexia Guerrero

Was cut off at the drive through when trying to order, they gave me my total when I was trying to order more then when I asked for 7 packets of hot sauce they said I could only have two. 🙄 I offered to buy the extra and was told no because they don’t have a button for it. Felt more like a burden being there then Anything.


Always felt like this is a pretty decent Taco John's. The service is typically pretty good & helpful / quick to fix mistakes. The store itself is usually clean / somewhat busy around lunchtime.

Jo Amdahl

Ordered lg drink paid then found out they were out of ice tea and sobe too. Couldn't drink anything else they had but no refund or be other compensation was offered.

LPV Official

I dont know how they do it. Its shocking to me. Every year I give TJ's another shot at not sucking and what do they do. They suck. Now the service has always been alright. Usually nice people. But my god do the tomatos taste like meat and the meat taste like tomatos. These people (directed at corporate) do not have taste buds. The food besides the fried potato oles tastes like month old freezer food. Which is still probably a lie because I have had elk meat in the freezer for months and can whip up a taco that blows the TJ franchise out of the water. The food is gross. The people are nice. Thats Taco Johns.



525 E Coulter Ave, Powell, WY 82435, United States