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Taco Bell Reviews Rawlins WY

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 3.7 with 485 reviews about Taco Bell

Reviews of Taco Bell Rawlins WY

Melissa Turley

I went through the drive thru and I was given the wrong order 3x! I continued to hand it back showing them my receipt and telling them that this isn't my order. They gave me another bag with churros in it. I gave it back telling the lady I was allergic to cinnamon and would not of ordered that. This other lady came to the window shoved the bag back at me and told me that it was my order. I told her to not have an attitude with me, this is not my order and showed her my receipt. She told me oh I will have an attitude with you if I want. You are causing us to be backed up. I told her this is not my fault. My order was still wrong and I did not get what I payed for.

Jackson Eves

The employees are so hype if you want a good experience go here 10/10 food was good too

Kathleen Garre

Went in and saw them laughing and having a good time, always inviting. I loved it. Had to wait 13 minutes for my FRESH chicken. No complaints cuz they were playing some bangers.🤘🏽 Nice to see kids with a good work ethic and great customer service.

Ciji Zimmerschied

Yummy nachos and nice service but yall need to make the burritos a lil fatter..this thing tiny!

Rachel Berger

Ordered on the app. The entire order was messed up big time. Called to let them know and the teeny bopper girl ARGUED with my husband. This isn't the first time. Definitely won't be going back.



2421 Plaza St, Rawlins, WY 82301, United States