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Subway Reviews Brandon SD

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Reviews of Subway Brandon SD

Chaz Thompson

I've traveled the country.. and this is the worst subway experience ever. Customer service was empty.. similar to the establishment.. ordered a salad.. they made a no bread bowl.. which isn't a full salad at all.. asked if they ran out of the salad bowls.. and the guy DIDNT EVEN RESPOND.. Just kept making the salad.. which had nothing but bell pepper and turkey.. spinach was close to non existent.. very little portions of anything else included on the order.. just WOW.. The two young people working kept talking about some girl.. and thats all they cared about.. was just an insane experience. This isn't at all a subway issue.. but for this location.. it sure as HELL is!

Fred Bern

The wrong meat was put on my sandwich, instead of giving me a new sandwich, he just took his hand and scooped off the meat and put the correct meat on. I also got cookies, there was one left and same kid said "I'll just eat that one and proceeded to start eating in front of us while we were standing in line. He also took a drink and started drinking behind the counter. Another young man had such long hair it covered his eyes. It looked like he combed it all forward and put his hat on. There were 5 of us eating.

Lori Johnson

Pretty busy but they got you served quick and healthy sandwiches


Always give them a try about every 6 months to see if they've changed... they always put way to much mayo and mustard on the subs... even when you choose the least amount. I don't think I'll be trying them anymore.

Tabetha Morris

Delicious and the staff was polite and fast.



1212 E Holly Blvd, Brandon, SD 57005, United States