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Subway Reviews Andalusia

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Reviews of Subway Andalusia

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This was the nicest subway I have ever been in. Dining area was modern and casual. Very clean. New menu boards and the staff were all very pleasant. Food items were very fresh and made to order right there in front of you as usual. Subway is not my usual go to quick lunch for eating at a location but this one would be. I think this was also the largest subway I have ever been in as far as the dining area. Great overall experience. Oh, and the bathrooms were super clean as well!

Mark Sands

Very nice restaurant. Clean and well maintained. They had ample staffing during the lunch rush and we moved swiftly through the line!! Good sandwich w/ fresh bread. Can't really ask for more than that.

Chris Ellis

wow. the best subway i have ever been in. large space, super clean, modern furniture and decor. a complete overhaul of the subway brand. even the veggies looked fresher. great job keep it up.

stephen stockton

Dude, this place was huge!! They just had a bus of runners so 30+ kids!! But, everyone was so lovely and polite. The workers I clapped for them they busted their buttons with a smile!!!

Montana Childree

This was the cleanest and biggest subway I have ever been to. I would be as pink and as a peach if my local subways looked like this one. If your in Andalusia looking for some good food and friendly people this subway is the best.



302 Western Bypass, Andalusia, AL 36420, United States