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Sonic Drive-In Reviews Anthem

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 3.7 with 415 reviews about Sonic Drive-In
City: Anthem

Reviews of Sonic Drive-In Anthem

Tobilee Black

Sub par for the area. Also, please change you fryer grease. Sonic in downtown Phoenix tastes better. Seems this Sonic is the hangout spot for young teens, which is fine, but they should put in a little more effort for the customers that go there for food and drinks.

Haley McCoy

I ordered on the app to make this experience as quick as possible only to be left standing at the counter for a full 10 minutes. There were 5 kids in front of us waiting to order that the staff were ignoring which had created a line of about 7-8 people. Once the kids were finally done ordering (at this point my food had been ready for 10 minutes) the lady at the counter helped me. She was super slow and it was all around not a great experience.

Myranda Blume

It wasn’t bad enough that both of our cheeseburgers were missing from our order, they gave us these smushed/crushed greasy tots that were completely cold and dripping grease out the bottom and sides. It’s insane that someone looked at these tots and thought it was acceptable. I’m a huge sonic fan but this location was just gross. It looks like I’m not the only one having quality issues with this location by the look of the rest of the reviews.

Barbara Lowrance

I've not previously been to an indoor Sonic. It was strange to me, but the desserts were still go. We only stopped for dessert. Where can you go wrong?

Tina Adams

Better ice cream and shakes. With big sizes. Great service. Doesn't melt as quickly as dairy queen. Plus DQ shrank it's serving. With inflation you get shrinkflation everywhere else. Except sonic they care and it is yummy. Keep it up sonic. Good work



41135 Daisy Mountain Dr, Anthem, AZ 85086, United States