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Shogun Casper WY

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City: Casper WY

Shogun Description

Shogun in Casper WY falls under the category of Restaurants in Casper WY with a rating of 4.4 by users. Shogun located at 3095 Talon Dr #400, Casper, WY 82604, United States. Shogun Geographic Coordinates: longitude — -106.3643845, latitude — 42.8148389.

Shogun operates from . For more information, please call on (307) 266-6888 or visit Shogun Website. If you have ever been to Shogun, share your experience with other users and write a review.

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Reviews of Shogun

Jeff Dorn

Sushi chefs and hibachi options as well as some choices for the less adventurous in your group. I really like the atmosphere in there and you can tell the chefs have a passion for what they do. I had the steak and chicken hibachi and it was beyond excellent and cooked exactly how I like it, tender and juicy every bite. My girlfriend had the salmon and chicken and said it was amazing as well plus she really liked the traditional soup served with the meal.

Autum Parker

The fillet mignon was amazing tender and juicy. the vegetables were cooked just right and the atmosphere was relaxing and food was delicious

Melissa Hunter

I’m not happy at all with the service we were provided. The moment we walked in we were told the grill side would be a 30 minute wait but we could get a booth immediately. We went to our booth and when the waitress approached us I told her it was our first time eating here and asked her to explain the menus to us (where we live Hibachi is only served on the grill and not off a normal menu) as it looked like only rolls were an option for everyone sitting in a booth. Instead of saying absolutely she said she needed to catch up on drink orders first. When she eventually came back she was a bit snotty in explaining them. When we asked if there was a kids menu that was not Hibachi she stated there was not and it was all the same in a rude manner. I asked if I could please have noodles instead of rice due to allergies. She told me she understands allergies but no she could not do that. She said noodles cost more and she can’t do it. My husband said to please charge us for the difference as that isn’t a problem. From there she brought our daughters avocado roll out first, then about 10 mins later brought my husbands rolls out. We are literally still sitting at our booth 1.5 hours later and my boys and I have still not received our dinner. My husband and daughter have been done with their meals for at least 40 mins or more now. At this point in time we could have been seated on the Hibachi Grill side, had entertainment, and could be finishing up our meal AND YET we are STILL waiting for our food! Two tables whom came in after us might I mention have also already received their dinners before us. My 4 year old son is LITERALLY falling asleep in the booth. Update, we decided to leave. We went to the register to pay for the rolls my husband and daughter ate and whomever was up there apologized and comped our meal. We appreciate that but sucks it’s almost 9:00pm and now we have to go though a drive through to feed our other two young children. I truly believe our experience would have been completely different had we had a different waitress who would have been kind, personable, and attentive to what was going on.

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3095 Talon Dr #400, Casper, WY 82604, United States