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San Pedro Mexican Restaurant Reviews Torrington WY

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Reviews of San Pedro Mexican Restaurant Torrington WY

Jordyn Williams

We wish we could love this place and have visited pretty regularly since February (there aren’t too many restaurants in Torrington), but even after what appears to be a staff/owner change, it’s gotten worse and I think we’re done trying. We do enjoy the food although sometimes the chips are stale. It is also a gamble on if they are open during their published hours so call ahead. Our most recent visit we arrived a little before 7pm and there weren’t many tables open because they were all dirty from previous guests. These tables remained dirty until around 7:45pm. It took 5+ minutes to be waited on. It took close to 10 minutes to get our drinks and complimentary chips/salsa, however the waitress forgot what drink I ordered in that time and had to go back and get it. Finally I got my drink and the complimentary salsa was poured into two small styrofoam cups (usually they bring bowls and a container of salsa to pour from). While waiting for our drinks and complimentary salsa, etc., guests who came in after us were being taken care of first. We were told that the kitchen closes at 7:30pm so we needed to put our order in. At 7:45pm, another group of guests came in and were served menus. So I’m assuming the kitchens did not close at 7:30pm like we were told. The service wait times are long, items/food you ask for are often forgotten or take a long time to be brought to you, you have to ask for drink refills, you have to go find your own to-go box, and as I stated before, it’s a gamble on when they’re open or when they decide to close. We leave great tips for great service and unfortunately we haven’t had the opportunity to tip at this restaurant in a long time. We hope the service gets better so that visiting this restaurant is a much better experience.

Judi Carlton

It was delicious. The poor waitress was working herself to death. People like to complain about the wait, but hey she was the only one I saw that night and she was doing her best. She did a great job

Melanie Dale

Great find!!! Thank you to the lady who works at Maverick gas station to suggest this great restaurant

Arlis Draves J

Good food and good prices. This is a nice sit down family restaurant that my family likes very much. We go as often as we can.

Linda McCarthy

I ordered a Shrimp Taco salad without onion, but they gave me alot of onion! That was my only complaint. Everything else was satisfactory.



2113 Main St, Torrington, WY 82240, United States