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Ruby Tuesday Reviews Alexander City AL

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Reviews of Ruby Tuesday Alexander City AL

Ken Karr

Oh, this was not even remotely a good experience. Waiter talked a lot about himself, others, the other staff and the retention and pay of Ruby Tuesday. When our food came mine was burnt and my wife's had some undercooked. The fish was places with the burnt side down so as not to be seen next to the burnt vegetables. Saying something I got to hear all about the cook. They comped my dinner and asked what they could do to make it right. I said switch me to the salad bar. Well, much of that looked bad as it had froze while sitting on the cold plate that keeps the salad fresh. Went Back to the the table with a half a plate of salad to be given a fresh cup of water with a straw wrapper stuck in the bottom. So all in all my comped meal for a half plate of salad, an ear full, and obviously drink ware that wasn't clean was certainly not worth our time. We went back to our hotel room and I had trail mix for dinner. On the upside, there was a really cool spider and web glistening in the parking lot lights. We got some really cool photos of.

Sue Hart

Today's was was very good. The only problem is the fact they charge you for every little thing. A soda with your meal, isn't unheard of. But there you ll get charged. I got soup. I was charged 1 99 got crackers. No free salad with your entree either. Not used to spending 40 00 for lunch. Tip included. Anyway like I said I had the bang bang shrimp, it was fabulous! I had the broccoli cheese soup, that was also good. My friend had the cheeseburger sliders. She enjoyed them. All in all I loved it, but not the prices, u can't have e thing, or can you? Elsewhere ?

Renae Hux

Great food... Horrible service... Our waitress disappeared for a good 10 minutes and then came in from the other side door... Probably out smoking... Didn't even check on us when she came in after being MIA... Then when she noticed us, I waved for her... Instead of coming over, she totals our bill. O told we wanted the skillet cookie or whatever it is called (see photo below)... She walks away only to return 10 minutes later to tell us the cook said it wouldn't be done for 10 minutes... I don't think she even turned the order in... She also didn't bring me my diet coke while my mixed drink was being made and I got strangled on my food. Had to take a drink of my husband's tea... Worst service ever since the 1st time we went in there. The 3 star is cause the food was good... so 3 stars for the cook...

Cristi Karr

Our visit was absolutely not worth eating. Wait staff was great.... food disgusting. They served burnt zucchini and salmon to my husband. They did refund us for that because it was pretty blatant. They gave him a salad bar per his request. The salad looked pretty poor and my husband only ate a little of what he made because it was soggy. My steak was cooked properly. My rice pilaf tasted bitter from how much bell pepper was in it. What's funny is my zucchini was under cooked and crunchy. The final straw (pun intended) was the straw wrapper that was in my husbands refill of water. We left after that. Won't visit this place again.

Valerie Johns

We ordered 2 piece teriyaki chicken. Had to check on it twice, told ,'one piece is taking longer'. Broccoli was mushy. My 2, flat pieces of chicken together were still smaller than 1 of hubbs chicken. Waitress more concerned with picking up tips from empty tables and standing there pulling out all her money and playing with it than getting us drink refills. The entire time she wore her mask on her chin- nose nor mouth covered. Good thing we weren't the health department. We expected better. ( They were not busy)



4097 US-280, Alexander City, AL 35010, United States