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Renzios Greek Food Reviews Ranchettes WY

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 4.2 with 382 reviews about Renzios Greek Food

Reviews of Renzios Greek Food Ranchettes WY

Ryan Carpenter

This place has always been a staple. Though the mall is struggling, this restaurant alone can draw a crowd. Flavor is great! Portion sizes are great! Staff is very friendly. This has always been a favorite choice and will continue to be. Nothing but love.


Gyro meal is the best. Fresh fries with some vinegar are a go to staple here. They have been consistently good for years.

Jacobe Carte

Awesome food. Amazing people. What is not to love. The food and the art really give that Greek feel.

Chris Carmichael

Always great service here. The employees are always attentive and accurate. I will always come back to Renzios!

Zero C

This has been one of my absolute favorite places to eat for as long as I can remember in the 25 years of being alive. Would come here weekly and even worked in the mall and would always be my lunch. Now, it's still bomb but ever since Guy left the food has been lacking in taste and the environment doesn't feel as homely anymore. I've eaten more burgers here than anywhere but today it tastes like I had flour on my burger after every bite. I've never had a bad meal here from my memories until now :( ... What takes 1 man to do now takes 3-4 people to do but worse, makes no sense! Will always be one of my favorites but sadly won't ever be on the same level as before..



1400 Dell Range Blvd, Cheyenne, WY 82009, United States