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Penny's Diner Reviews Ranchettes WY

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 3.8 with 685 reviews about Penny's Diner

Reviews of Penny's Diner Ranchettes WY

Rick Renaud

Food was average, nothing to make you go there. The staff could care less that you are there. I went in at 5:30am. I was the only person in the place. One young man walking around filling up jellies. I asked for a menu. He said you have to look it up on your phone. One cook doing little things. What I can guess as the owner came in and told the young man to count the register. So I sat for 15 minutes with nothing. Finally I said can I get some food? The cook came over and said what do you want. This guy was not happy to be there. I asked for the biscuits and gravy. He says "we don't have gravy". So I ordered something else. I asked for black coffee. I got one cup and no refills. By this time a couple of customers showed up and got their own coffee. The pancakes were burnt on the bottom. My fork couldn't even cut thru them. The eggs were cold. I went to the register and asked if I could have a cup of coffee to go since I never got a refill. I was told by the owner that it would be charged. I got it and left. This place is ridiculous! No one wants to be there and the customer is bothering them. I suggest going somewhere else.

Dani Palensky

A really great late night diner experience. We had an incredible and wickedly attentive server, the atmosphere was very comfortable, and our food and drinks were always priority when we were next in line. Thank you for all the hot chocolates!

Robin Wheeler

This was our first time at Penny's Diner and it was great. . .👍😊 Just the right proportions of food and the 50's/60's nostalgic surroundings are perfect. . . 👌 The food and service are excellent and we plan on revisiting Penny's more in the future. . . Definitely recommend Penny's Diner. . . *****

Cambri Love

The waitress is awesome but the cooks are slow. We were the only ones in there, bought Philly sandwiches and fries and we waited over a half hour. But the restaurant is classic 50s. Very cool


Reminds me of late night waffle house run after clubbing. Foods good but interior needs some lovin'. Foods good!



1625 Stillwater Ave, Cheyenne, WY 82009, United States