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palermos italian resturant Reviews Laramie WY

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 4.1 with 231 reviews about palermos italian resturant

Reviews of palermos italian resturant Laramie WY

Glenn Pedigo

Nice restaurant, like most places now they are looking for help. So maybe the service isn't really fast however they seem to ne doing they best. Food was good. I would go back again if I'm in the area.

Kristel Pierce

We had a great experience. We came in close to closing, they treated us like family and didn't rush us. Food was so delicious and the waitress was friendly and helped us with some selections. Good old school Italian comfort food. We can't wait to go back when we pass through town again.

Courtney Westbrook

The food used to be great, but now it is all easy microwave meals and you can taste it and tell. The fried ravioli used to have cheese in the middle and now I don't even know what is in it but it tastes like microwaved food. The place has increasingly gotten worse while their prices have increasingly gone up. Would not recommend

David Esau

Obviously very different experiences out there, exterior doesn't look like much but our food and service was great.

Dalton Heredia

This place is delicious! Loved every bite! The bread is home Made and served warm. I highly recommend palermos special with the pink sauce!



207 N 3rd St, Laramie, WY 82070, United States