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NY Gyro Grill Reviews Claymont DE

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Reviews of NY Gyro Grill Claymont DE


Was in here last night. I had the Lamb & Chicken Kabob with rice and vegetable salad(#1 or 2 on the menu). Very tasty, very good size portion and freshly made. Nice group of guys working here as well. Overall enjoyed my experience and when in the area, I'll visit again. Check it out.

Ariel Oroz

I came to NY Gyro w my expectations ready for some regular casual halal/chicken over rice. What I got was in a class of its own. The rice, AMAZING. A lot of times chicken/rice platters become a blend of a lot of great flavors, but the rice will often times be forgotten altogether. The rice here was in a league of its own. Each bite has an insanely good flavor of turmeric and spice. 11/10, WILL eat here again.

Mada Almansoor

The food is very delicious, fresh and clean. The staff are super friendly and very generous and welcoming. I highly recommend this restaurant because of the great food with convenient price 😍

Amal Alghamdi

This’s one of the best restaurants that I have ever tried in PA. The food is great, tasty, clean, fresh. The staff are very generous and welcoming. The price is great. Highly recommended 😍😍😍

Sitara Rameez

I don't like leaving negative reviews. I often buy from this place and it tastes really good. But I got from here when I was pregnant and breastfeeding and I called them and asked if they could cut back on the artificial colors added since it doesn't add anything to taste. My husband also when he went in person have suggested that. But few months later,I see the same red coloring in almost all the foods which is totally unnecessary. The food's gonna taste the same irrespective of the color added. I really wish they'd remove that. Living in the community ,it's my go to take out food in the evenings when I'm busy and can't make food at home and the dyes sometimes cause stomach issues for my baby. 2 stars for the same.



3541 Philadelphia Pike, Claymont, DE 19703, United States