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Noble Street Deli Reviews Anniston AL

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Reviews of Noble Street Deli Anniston AL

Robert Forbus

Traveled from CT to AL for Mother's Day. First time I've seen my mother in 18 months, thanks to Covid. Anyway, took her to Classic on Noble for Mother's Day "brunch"at 11 am. It was packed. No social distancing. People were seated at tables right next to other people. I'm not kidding. It was insane. Maybe a spreader event. Who knows? Back to "brunch." It was not really a brunch. It was lunch plus some omelets made to order and a few unidentifiable items near the omelette station. Nothing was labeled. Who could possibly know what the "brunch" items were, except someone who worked there? Same story on the lunch trough. Tons of chaffing dishes filled with tepid items that we could not identify. We weren't the only ones looking for some identifying labels. A dude I didn't know asked me what something was. I told him I had no idea. The food items we sampled were lukewarm in temperature--not my favorite way to eat. Food poisoning risk, you know? And they weren't good. We each had about a half a plate and left disgusted, disappointed, and hangry. Yes, hangry. Not a typo. Back to our this-meal-was-not-a-brunch assessment. There was no offer of a mimosa, wine, or other spirits. Maybe local liquor laws? Maybe under-trained staff? We have goofy liquor laws in CT, so maybe they don't allow alcohol at 11 am in AL. It was very odd for "brunch" and never explained. The place was very pretty, but there was a cacophony like you've never heard. A loud piano, loud people, an overfilled facility, and only hard surfaces -- nothing to dampen sound -- made it impossible for my mother and me to talk over the roar. All this noise and a packed facility alone, in the time of Covid, made this "brunch" a hot mess. By now you know we were both underwhwelmed by the under-seasoned mystery food items we got; but, then the bill came, which I requested 20 minutes into our "fine-dining experience." Most expensive meal I ever hated $70+. I've eaten some bad meals at cheap prices and a lot of fantastic meals at exorbitantly priced places in the United States and several foreign countries. This was the pluperfect expensive disappointment. I wrote pluperfect because there might be one more in my future; but, it won't be at this establishment. The place looks great, but you can't eat the decor. Of course we couldn't really eat the food either.

Caylen Stewart

We placed a curbside pick up order and it was ready in a timely manner, everything tasted delicious, and the owners were so nice and thankful for our business. They have such great deals for lunch! $10 and you get an entree, side, dessert, and drink! I think it’s $8 if you can dine in. So happy with our experience.

kay morrow

great deals quality clothes very happy

JOHN O'Neill

Wonderful casual atmosphere - like a street cafe. Boutique shopping along the "street" as well. Friendly staff. Party rooms, too. Had walnut cranberry feta salads and club sandwich with red potato salad. All excellent. Potato salad was a bit salty for my taste but have minimized salt for years - so that is me. $10 specials include entre, side, drink and dessert. We were there during busy period so service was reasonable - not as quick as at slower times. Interesting and different and a fun place. Will return.

Arilyn Pool

The food and service are both top notch!



1118 Noble St, Anniston, AL 36201, United States