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Napoli's Reviews Cheyenne WY

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Reviews of Napoli's Cheyenne WY

Stephanieann Mitchell

Dinner was perfect! The portions were great and I was able to bring some home for lunch. We ordered the chefs favorite and the tour of Italy. We also had a a desert and it was good too. Would recommend this place to others. Nice quiet place to relax and enjoy a meal with your loved ones

Faith VanDeMark

As my first time trying Napoli’s, I instantly fell in love. The restaurant environment was calming and the food was amazing. I tried the Gnocchi Al Pesto, a very creamy and delicious treat. They did seem understaffed (granted, my trip to Napoli’s was during a holiday weekend). Our waiter, a taller, blond gal was great and made our experience super enjoyable!

Marshal McCorkel

I've been all over the U.S. and this is the best Italian food I've ever had. Such a unique find in a small town. Customer service is unmatched. The staff treated my kids with absolute respect...that might sound odd but you'll understand when you go. They really felt special being there and being treated so well. The Chefs Favorite on the menu was absolutely amazing.

Ford Prefect the Goldendoodle

Food was delicious and the service was fantastic! I wish I had gotten the name of the gentleman who was serving us because he was so polite and just absolutely amazing! We had arrived 30 minutes before they closed and he was just so polite instead of rushing us! He was also very respectful of my service dog. I wish he had not pet him the first time he saw him but he ignored him the rest of the time we were there and didn't obsess over him the whole time like other restaurants I've been to. I will definitely be returning for sure!

Jesse L

The food was absolutely amazing. I had the tour of Italy and I loved every bite. I have been to many Italian food restaurants and this ranks among the best. If they made their own pasta then it would be the best I have ever tasted. I will definitely be back.



1901 Central Ave, Cheyenne, WY 82001, United States