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McDonald's Reviews Alma AR

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 3.6 with 1349 reviews about McDonald's
City: Alma AR

Reviews of McDonald's Alma AR

Jeffrey Gillespie

This locations decor was very unique and comforting. Food was fast and fresh.Only thing that topped this stores decor and food was it's service. Paula and all the others ( sorry did not get their names) were true five star top of the line service providers. Store was a prize winning example of fast food excellence and creativity. Big thanks to them all and may the Good Lord richly and continually bless them all.

Nicole T.

Food is usually fresh when we go. Occasionally cold fries. The workers are not very friendly and seem miserable. When in the drive thru when ordering the person says "what else", that just seems rude. I worked at restaurants when I was younger and was taught to speak to people respectfully...... Just went here again and my drink was not filled all the way. It was for my son that doesn't need too much soda so I didn't complain. But if it was mine I would have asked for more.

Makayla B

Really horrible experience went here the manager taking my order was so rude. Asked for fresh fries they were completely soggy and not even fully cooked. Nuggets tasted like literal cardboard very very disappointed…. And will not be returning. There are better McDonalds locations.

Amanda Elaine Standifer

Updated review, 6/18/22: I don't come here anymore, but today the kids didn't want to wait until Fort Smith so we stopped. Ordered with the app, and this is one of the more expensive stores. Most of their items were close to or over a dollar more (each) than what I pay at the store I normally stop at. They didn't have half of what we tried to order and then when the order was placed the drive through told us we had to park and wait. We were sent to curbside parking, but 20 minutes later when we got our food it was cold and not correct. My double biscuit and gravy was only a single and 2 of our sausage and cheese mcmuffins were missing cheese. The 2 sweet teas were sent out unsweetened. Original review, 2021: Food was significantly wrong, twice! First time I took it in and showed them my receipt and the wrong food and after a few minutes they brought the new food in the bag and handed it to me and then told me to keep the wrong food. Opened the bag and one of the sandwiches was missing so I asked for a mcdouble with no onions (the missing burger). The counter person went to the back and I hear a guy say "what the hell now, it's not like we didnt just give her a bunch of free sh!t." Have not been back.

Dakoda Fields

They have to beat food no cap there fries where hot and crispy.



247 US-71, Alma, AR 72921, United States