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Kume Reviews Augusta ME

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Reviews of Kume Augusta ME

Alex Johnson

love this place. my favorite restaurant! couldn't even wait to get home before I started eating it! lovely staff, beautiful atmosphere, and the most delicious food ever! love this place!! HUGE PORTIONS, AMAZING PRICES. p.s. easily the best fried rice around, along with Sea40 in Auburn I always order chicken hibachi dinner. Comes with incredible beef based soup with chives. Salad with cucumbers tomatoes amazing dressing. Vegetables. Rice. And the most perfect chicken, and variety of sauces!! BTW I LOVE the containers. they are compartmentalized perfectly so there is NEVER any leakage between the different things (chicken, vegetables, rice)

James Duvall

This place was amazing. Excellent service from greeter to server. The chef was awesome. We went to the hibachi grill to eat. You won't be disappointed at all. Clean restaurant as well. Very satisfied.

Benny Fish

It was great! Good food and good service. We had a pretty big group, so a couple things were missed, but overall we all had a good time! Would definitely go back again!

Jennifer Lee

Service and food were great. Love it that we did not have to wait long for the food. Prices are reasonable. Will definitely go there again.

Felicia (FeliciaM)

What a fun place! Went there for the first time tonight, the food was amazing! With being SUPER picky I was afraid of finding something I'd enjoy, I got the chicken teriyaki with noodles and loved it, I even had a couple people I was with peer pressure me into trying sushi for the first time, that had crab in it, which I've also never had before and it was actually pretty tasty! My husband was in love with the seafood teriyaki he got, we were in a very large group and I don't think there were any complaints. It was a lot of fun, great entertainment and food! Thanks for a great experience, everyone one was so friendly and inviting.



19 Stephen King Dr Suite 1, Augusta, ME 04330, United States