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King Buffet - Asian Buffet Restaurant Reviews Andalusia

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 4 with 492 reviews about King Buffet - Asian Buffet Restaurant

Reviews of King Buffet - Asian Buffet Restaurant Andalusia

Glendal Moore

Food is great

Local Atl

Simple local Chinese buffet with the usual items. Hibachi is available upon request. Togo options available. The service was friendly and the dinning and restrooms clean.

John Nelson

We keep going back to this place. The hibachi grill is so good. Terrific selection. Wish they had the green beans. The grilled fish, the grilled steak and grilled pork chops, are perfectly seasoned, fresh and moist, so very good. I could eat here every day. Tartar sauce is good, also.


Been getting abdominal pains every time I eat here since new owners took over crab no longer comes with buffet a lot of old or spoiled food too used to be my second favorite restaurant in the area now I have decided to avoid coming here. Also there is something really wrong I think it may be the soda but me my family and a few alternate friends I have taken out to dine there all have been getting an unquenchable extremely dry thirst when eating there and it lasts all night till next day...

Monica Bourgeois

Food fresh and great. Service was attentive



1217 Dr, M.L.K. Jr Expy, Andalusia, AL 36420, United States