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Jordan's BBQ Reviews Alexander AR

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Reviews of Jordan's BBQ Alexander AR


For starters, there was no aroma of BBQ from this place at all so the palate is not prepared for the meal once received. The staff was nice and kind so that was a huge bonus. The food, though, was awful. My family all ordered the special for the day: Jumbo chopped BBQ sandwiches with fries and a drink. The price was quite high for what we received at $45 after tax for what I feel was a normal sized and under-proportioned mediocre pork sandwich. The sandwiches were small, the meat was flavorless with very little on the sandwich, and the slaw did not compliment the sandwich in any way. The meat was so bad I had to drown it in the single flavor of BBQ sauce they had to get it down, something I don't normally do as someone who appreciates good BBQ. The meat was shredded to the point it was nearly a paste. It wasn't just moist, it was soggy. To top it off our sandwiches were served in a burger wrapper so they were falling apart and had to be eaten with a fork because the buns were unusable as a transport mechanism. The meal was so bad my entire family could not finish it and my son, who can normally stomach just about anything, could barely eat any at all because it turned his stomach. For the first time in my life I felt obligated to ask for a partial refund for my son's meal. While the manager obliged, there was no hospitality at all considering this is a sit-in dining establishment. No "Sorry the food wasn't up to your liking." or "We appreciate your feedback and will see what we can do do correct it." All I got was a blank stare and had to push the conversation to try and communicate the problem. Needless to say, avoid this place and go elsewhere. I have no idea how this place has the ratings it has. Perhaps we just had an off experience.

Tj Ellis

They have great desserts. Catfish and chicken tenders are decent. BBQ is pretty much flavorless

Ashley Scott

Love❤ this place been going here for years. Will definitely be going back.

Heather Law (Yvonne)

The best bbq this side of the world!!! Great staff. Recommend it to everyone ☺️

Debbie Kelly

Excellent service, as always! Still the best catfish and beans in Central Arkansas!



110 N Reynolds Rd, Bryant, AR 72022, United States