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Jamaican Cafe Cuisine LLC Reviews Bear DE

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 4.1 with 313 reviews about Jamaican Cafe Cuisine LLC
City: Bear DE

Reviews of Jamaican Cafe Cuisine LLC Bear DE

Denise Baker

I want to start off by saying a gentleman who I believe is the owner was extremely pleasant. Customer Service is very important to me and I thrive on it as a business owner myself. I just want to say I appreciate your kindness and hospitality. The young lady who works behind the counter at the register could use some lessons from you. Secondly, I would like to say that the food was not over seasoned but for me that’s fine because I don’t like my food very spicy so the fact that I was able to tolerate it is a plus for me. Lastly, I understand that oxtails are very expensive right now however I’m just basing this on comparison to other Jamaican restaurants in Delaware so please hear me out. I have gone to two other Jamaican restaurants and I’ve ordered large oxtails for half the price and have received healthy portions. My only recommendation would be maybe perhaps if you could scale back the price a little bit. Other than that I think you have a very nice restaurant the food is good and the presentation of the food is lovely. Thank you!

Kijah Goldsberry

Food is absolutely wonderful, but however, whoever the gentleman is with dreads needs to be more appreciative of his customers and learn how not to rude. Remember business is not require but people do support your business. If your having a bad day go in the back and gather your thoughts and come out to greet your customers in a better manner. And just like this business is operating folks take their hard earn money to support your dream as a business owner. Remember to be humble so you can have another +5 years. But for your customer service I will not being patronizing at your location anymore you was just rude and disrespectful for no reason!

Phyllis Francis

Meals are freshly prepared and are authentically JAMAICAN! There is a wide variety of main dishes (from breakfast to dinner) and the customer service is always great. Be prepared, the line for breakfast starts to form before the restaurant opens. We live in Maryland and this is always our food stop to and from NY off Route 40. 😉😊

James Pope

The food was fresh and hot. I would give this restaurant 4 stars, however the atmosphere in the store is deflated. 1. Put up an "order here" sign this would avoid customers being chastised by the guy behind the counter. 2. No one hundred dollars bills makes little sense since one entry is over 20 dollars. 3. There is a "supply chain" sur charge, even on to go orders.


Delicious food professional staff and great customer service. And also clean atmosphere. Trust me you won’t regret



1643 Pulaski Hwy, Bear, DE 19701, United States