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Great wall Chinese Restaurant Reviews Pike Creek Valley DE

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 3.4 with 52 reviews about Great wall Chinese Restaurant

Reviews of Great wall Chinese Restaurant Pike Creek Valley DE

Dave Foraker

Ordered Door Dash From Great Wall last night. About 10 minutes after I placed order door dash went down and was down for hour and a half. Prior to Door Dash going down dasher was not assigned to pick up order. When Door Dash came back up dasher was assigned to order went to store and had to wait for order. When order was delivered it was hot and fresh. The Dasher apologized for the wait he said he had to wait for Great Wall to remake the order. Great Job Great Wall you could of just sent out order that had been sitting there like I read online many other restaurants did but you had pride in your product and made sure it was fresh and hot before you sent it out. Customer for life here.

Alesia Santiago

Please don’t order from this establishment they have horrible customer service for people of color! I was treated so poorly by the lady working the front. They sat my order to the side on purpose and took others orders. I would never order from here again and would not recommend!

Sean McColgan

You guys used to be awesome for your prices. The last few times I’ve ordered chicken (general tso and sesame) the majority of the plate was inedible. The chicken is tough - chewy - tears apart when you bite into it because it’s so dry. I’m not sure what you’re chef is doing - but he needs to be fired if you hope to have return customers.

Novah Quattlebaum

Terrible customer service! Young guy was playing a video game on his phone while taking order . He didn’t greet me as the customer, he just said “WHATS YOUR ORDER”. After explaining I didn’t want pork in my meal he acted frustrated and over talked me with A RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL “I know. I know I got it “ and flagged his hand for the next customer . I stepped to the side to see how he would handle The white customer behind me….. the energy and interaction was not the same. I left the store and ordered pizza. I would never spend another dollar in a c+ business with d- service again. Don’t waist your time or money.

Kevin McLaughlin

Great food for a great price! Very friendly and quick with delivery or pick up. Favorite spot in the Pike Creek Area!



4553 New Linden Hill Rd, Wilmington, DE 19808, United States