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Frackelton's Reviews Sheridan AR

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Reviews of Frackelton's Sheridan AR

Halfnugg 78

Such an improvement since new ownership. The ambiance is terrific, service was amazing and food/drinks were spot on!!! In my opinion, Frackelton's is above and beyond the best restaurant in Sheridan. Twice we have gone to eat here in the last month and enjoy having Andy (Owner) come greet us at the table and ask how we were doing. Look forward to eating here again in the near future!!!


I met this amazing bartender by the name of Angie and she took great care of me. Being a first time visitor in Sheridan and Frackelton's, I had many questions. She made me a house favorite drink and suggested a delicious Udon soup that I was surprised to see on the menu. The cake for dessert was fantastic. Thank you folks. I'll certainly be back.

Rick Sanchez

Great Staff and delicious food. Update: I recently had lunch here and the service as well as the food has gone downhill. Only saw the waitress when she took our order. Did not bring us our drinks but did try to charge us for them and then blamed the bartender. Had to go find her to get the check. Food was okay but it had lost its flair. I think owner took on too much with another restaurant. That one failed after only a few months.

Laurie Norberg

I so wanted to love this place, but frankly, I just couldn't. The food was very good, not worth the money we paid, but still good. Our main issue came from the waitress. We felt rushed from the moment we sat down. I ordered the tenderloin, which said came with mushrooms and asparagus, and there was no asparagus. When I asked the waitress she basically said, oops, my bad, I forgot to tell you we are out of asparagus. I asked about the no mushrooms, and she said it was a typo on the menu, no mushrooms come with the meal. She did bring me some on the side. The restaurant offers no bread, no salad like other places do. The final insult was her standing over us while we are forced to give her at the very least a 20% tip. Such a disappointment for a meal that was a special occasion for us.

Eric Singer

A pleasant surprise! only Decided to go in after grabbing my mail from across the street and wow what great service from a place that was fairly busy. Staff was so sweet and the BLT was unlike any other I have had (in a good way!)



55 N Main St, Sheridan, WY 82801, United States