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Domino's Pizza Reviews Arizona City

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Reviews of Domino's Pizza Arizona City

Joshua Bridges

UNPROFESSIONAL AND TERRIBLE customer service and cooking. I complained about my order and they refused to fix it or refund me and then I went in a few days later with another $40 dollar order and they literally made my pizza like they were still angry at the day before. I asked they guy for plates and napkins and he rudley said,"Sure I'll walk all the way back inside the store just to go get those for you...smiled and walked off. And came back saying," enjoy you pizza "with a little chuckle and rude tone. I get home n open the box and got 4 pizzas with no crust, no cheese, and no sauce. Now I see why they were basically laughing while giving them to me and I see what the actually meant. This place is crazy. I can't believe they can legally get away with doing that to people. This is the most unprofessional place I've been to and I only go to soul food restaurants n hood restaurants for a reason. I trust their cooking and customer service for more than these type of restaurants who don't care what they do to your order then feed it to you with a twisted smile. Sick.

Corrine Riley

Pizza was perfect! Extra crispy with a generous amount of toppings. Also ordered brownies.. OMG to die for. Freshly baked and gooey good. Definitely highly recommend this Dominos! Thank you for my delicious dinner Dominos 🤗

Travel Gal

DO NOT EAT HERE if you want you food made with any type of kindness at all. This is not a place where you will be treated like a human. I complained once they basically said oh well deal with it and i was so hungry and lazy i mistake order from them again. I've wasted over 100 dollars on pizzas that look like these pictures. All I do is ask for light sauce due to a medical condition and that of course makes them annoyed and angry so then they retaliated and give me NO sauce..NO cheese and NO crust! I've never had a crustless pan pizza in my entire life up until now. If I pay money for the food I do NOT expect this type of terrible customer service. This should not be legal but apparatly this is how they represent dominos .

hillary toler

Great customer service and good food! Joe definitely needs some recognition for his hard work!

Marcelino Latorre

This place is horrible and John the manager needs to train his employee's on customer service and using the cash register. My totally blind father sent me to buy 2 pizzas and the employee behind the cash register offers me a special she couldn't deliver on and voids the order leaving me with 3 different charges that are now 2 being returned back to my fathers card. When I asked for the supervisor John arrives at the register telling me I now have to leave the premises and not get my fathers order because i insulted his employee. This place seems very schetchy, be advised I was charged 3 times for 1 order and they couldn't even apologize and make things right. Be advised and take your hard earned money elsewhere.



13540 Sunland Gin Rd, Arizona City, AZ 85123, United States