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Destination Taiwan Reviews Ranchettes WY

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Reviews of Destination Taiwan Ranchettes WY

Jason Ecang

Though it was a small stand up shop, the food was amazing and delicious. The people running the stall were very friendly and helped us pick out some amazing food. Definitely a place to checkout when you're in or passing through Cheyenne! Cold noodles and steam buns are the way to go!

Denise Sawicki

This place is terrific, from the food to the people who operate it! The buns are great! There are so many to choose from my son and I had to keep going back to see if there were any that we didn’t care for! All of them are delicious! The pancakes are delicious also. We have tried everything on the menu over time and we haven’t been disappointed, everything is delicious!

talia schell

The food was delicious! I had the Beijing noodles which was a generous portion and very good as well. Scallion pancake was flaky and chewy and light. The service was amazing and the folks running it are friendly and generous. Definitely worth a visit!


Food/Taste/Flavor: 5/5 - here are the items we got: Braised pork rice, Pork leek bun, Mapo tofu bun, Egg custard bun, and Tea egg. Eat the buns while they're still hot! The buns are so soft, fluffy, and moist that you can just eat the buns by itself without any fillings. It has a bit of sweetness that complements the savory fillings so well. The mapo tofu has a slight kick and sourness that is so reminiscent of the actual dish. The braised pork rice is so simple but packed with flavor that makes you crave the next bite. We got raw garlic on it and the slight sharpness adds a brightness to the dish. The tea egg is marinated nicely but a little on the saltier side. The egg custard bun has such interesting seasoning and was sweet without getting too overwhelming. This is the BEST egg custard bun I ever had Ambience: N/A - it's a little hut in the parking lot that you order from. Service: 5/5 - cashier was very friendly and happy to explain the menu and provide recommendations. It was a cold day out so he told us to wait in the car and delivered the food to us. Since we were eating in the parking lot, he came to check on us to make sure we enjoyed the food :)) Value for price: 5/5 - smaller servings but the food is so good that it's worth the premium. Would have never imagined that the best Taiwanese food would be in windy Wyoming

Aaron Geiser

What an awesome place to get amazing Taiwan food. They are small but their food is larger-than-life. Really delicious and affordable. You'll need to bring cash to pay for your meal and it is strictly a to-go type setup (think an outdoor gazebo with walls). But please don't let it's small size deter you. The owner is super nice and he is passionate that every dish going out "the window" is perfectly prepared. When my wife and I go we always head to a local brewery with our food and inevitably several people will stop and ask us what we're eating. "Looks amazing!" and "Smells delicious!" are always the comments. 😁



2634 Dell Range Blvd Unit A, Cheyenne, WY 82009, United States