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Culver's Reviews Ranchettes WY

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Reviews of Culver's Ranchettes WY

Dustin Snell

No pork tenderloin, but always covid-19.....

Allie Ruxton

Food is usually pretty good and the employees are friendly, but they often forget condiments or other parts of an order. I've been asked before if I wanted ketchup and salt, said yes, and they didn't put it in the bag. There's been a few times where I ordered the chicken tenders and didn't receive the ranch I asked for either. I'd highly suggest checking your bags before you leave the drive thru. They're pretty good about getting people through the drive through quickly. Took about ten minutes to get through and have our food with a line out to the Culvers sign.

Tonya Cox

This was our first time there. Wonderful place! So clean and a high end place for fast food. Impressive dining room. All the workers were newly dressed even wearing ties! Amazing customer service. There were even fresh flowers in the girls bathroom! And the food was wonderful! I got a single mushroom Swiss burger and my husband got a buttery double with cheese and bacon. So yummy! Highly recommend this place!

Ron Rapp

I ordered my usual 2-cod dinners along with a cheeseburger and fry. The waitress brought out the dinners. And I asked her specifically, if their was a fry with the order and she said yes. When I got home I found that their was no fry and the cod was soft and soggy and dripping with grease. This really surprised both me and my wife. Because this use to be a great place to eat here in Cheyenne, Wyoming. But this will be the last time I'll be eating here. .

Derek Turman

The Culvers Deluxe double cheeseburger. Yum. Hard to beat their flavor. Oh yea, add onion rings and a strawberry shake. Delicious



1239 Dell Range Blvd, Cheyenne, WY 82009, United States