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Commissary Reviews Washington DC

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Reviews of Commissary Washington DC

Kevin Livingston

Pork belly appetizer was good. Fish and chips were excellent! I will ask that our server please forgive me, because I do not remember his name, but he was very nice and seemed very pleased to take our order. Thank so much, sir. Loved the decor and the atmosphere. Most important; clean restroom 🚻.

Maria Cunningham

This was my first time at Commissary DC and my family and I were treated terribly from when we stepped into this restaurant. First of all, we were not greeted and we had to get the attention of the hostesses to be seated. They seated us in the back by the bathroom with people waiting outside. When we asked to be moved to another available table, we were told no, because a larger party was coming and that table had been reserved... although I was told you could not request a particular table. We were clearly there first and should have been given that table. The manager, Jack came over. Did not greet us!.. and told us we could NOT have this table! He was EXTREMELY rude and unaccommodating! I had requested an outside table when I arrived and requested it again since we were not being accommodated. Manager Jack took my family and I to the only table that was in the sun without a covering. I requested an empty table that was not in the sun but Mgr. Jack told me it was already reserved. Again, I could not "reserve" a particular table and I was there FIRST. Again, my family and I were not accommodated. We felt very unwelcome and mistreated. My waiter was the ONLY bright spot. Taylor was WONDERFUL! But, the rest of the experience was horrible. We were very hot and uncomfortable, so I requested Jack, Manager come to our table and I explained to him how horribly we had been treated and that I noticed that he sat someone at a table we had requested FIRST and sat us in the sun. He had us moved to another table outside that became available but the damage had already been done. I am so offended by the treatment of the hostesses and the Manager at this restaurant. We will not return. Kudos to Taylor who was the only bright spot to this experience and the only reason I did not rate this restaurant lower! I would have spent a lot more money there had we been treated better!

Lucian Jessel

Brunch was absolutely amazing, and the patio seating was gorgeous! All of the servers were incredibly friendly and helpful. I also absolutely love that gluten free options not only exist, but also are clearly labeled. The gluten free brownie sundae was especially amazing - the texture and flavor were spot on. Pricing is also excellent - it was much cheaper than I expected, especially in regards to the quality/quantity of food and the fact that it's in DC. 10/10, would recommend!

Michael Waxman

The commissary is a must visit for anyone visiting DC. The food was excellent, but in today's day and age breakfast food is pretty much great everywhere. What made this trip worth a 5 star review in my opinion, as a chef who's been in the industry for decades, was the service. Johnny was hands down the best server I have ever had. He was personable, talkative, patient, helpful, and kind. Johnny is the reason I gave 5 stars and he's worth more

Patric Carman

Yummy and affordable food. We sat outside under an umbrella and we were comfortable. Our service was pretty slow and it took 20 minutes for our server to take our drink order. I would hesitate to go back if not for the drink specials.



1443 P St NW, Washington, DC 20005, United States