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Clam Haven Reviews Derry NH

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City: Derry NH

Reviews of Clam Haven Derry NH

Scott McCallum

I ordered deep fried lobster tails, which I have been wanting to try for years, so I was excited. Except, there was a very strong onion flavor in the lobster tails, so my dinner was not that good at all. I thought the lobster tails were flavored from the onion rings since they were both deep fried, but the onion flavor was that of fresh chopped onions which as you could imagine just wouldn't be a good accent for deep fried lobster tails.

Brian L

The food was delicious. Service was fast and friendly. Prepare yourself the price for seafood is through the rough. I do not believe it is Clam Havens fault it's just a sign of the times we are living in. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for a seafood treat.

incredible “Incredible26069”

I used to love this place and just changed my 5 stars to 1 this place went downhill FAST. I ordered a lobster roll medium scallops ( only 10 scallops and 41 dollars) and a clam haddock combo. It cost me 99 dollars for all three items. What the heck. The lobster roll was light on meat. The scallops were like nothing at all. And the meal was supposed to be hole clams and it was 2 whole clams and a bunch of strips. Mostly Fri batter. The fish was good but I did not see this till I got home and it was so hot out I did not want to eat hot seafood in 100 degrees. NO BATHROOMS Not going here anymore

Pam Sheppard

Quick service but tasteless fried clams and onion rings. All you can taste is the coating and grease. Very expensive and not worth it. Stick to the hot dogs and burgers, and ice cream. Missing good oil for the price. Gone are the good ole days!!

Joel Logiudice

Edit: new owners, just not the same sorry. Old owners knocked it out of the park Great as usual. Yes its greasy. ITS FRIED SEAFOOD... They are one of the more reasonable places for fried clams and usually the quantity is good.



94 Rockingham Rd, Derry, NH 03038, United States