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Chick-fil-A Bear Reviews Bear DE

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 4.6 with 2783 reviews about Chick-fil-A Bear
City: Bear DE

Reviews of Chick-fil-A Bear Bear DE

Franciose c

Great place to eat long lines but fast service great customer interaction.

Matt Gilson

This location is pretty quick about getting you through the drive through. Whenever it gets busy they usually have 2 or 3 people outside with an iPad taking orders, and someone standing outside the food window to pass it over to you. Double check your sauces before you leave, though, especially when it's busy. They can occasionally forget them, or only give you one even for a big meal. They've never messed up actual food in an order for me though and I go there fairly often.

Doug Lisey

This place is always clean and quick service. Don't be fooled by the line going around the building, this chic-fil-a seems to move quicker than most. Edit: I don't know what happened to this place but lately service hasn't been what it was just a few months ago. Order curbside pick-up and ALWAYS a 15 minute wait. Also, unfortunately order is correct maybe 50% of the time. Hope this place goes back to the way it was.

Madison Mcgowan

Great staff, great food, great service. Everything you hear about cfa is embodied at this restaurant. If you're looking for comfort this is the place to go, because even if you decide you don't want it anymore the staff will provide as much comfort and support as possible.

Maddie Baker

Did you ever get the extra money I left at your other location for the napkins you were publically stingy with ? Never in my 49 years has anyone said , anything about my taking extra napkins. For people waiting in the car . I suppose it was to impress and show off in front of those you were having a meeting with ..and even now long after pandemic restrictions have been lifted you can't go inside this location ...with gas prices at an all time high I didn't feel like waiting 20 minutes or longer in line. I've been eating elsewhere since my negative experience any way



1101 Quintilio Dr, Bear, DE 19701, United States