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Burger King Reviews Rawlins WY

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Reviews of Burger King Rawlins WY

Jim H

Best Burger King between here and Salt Lake City. The manager lady was very kind and made sure the order was correct. The onion rings were perfect sometimes the stores give you once that are all dried up and nasty and you could throw them at a car break window. They really take care of how they serve their food at the store. Even though I was just passing through it was a good decision to come here. Thank you for serving food as though you would eat it yourself.

Carolyn Bowman

We ordered breakfast and I wanted some chocolate milk but they only had regular but Emily the cashier went above regular service as she gave me a small container of chocolate syrup to put into my milk. I think that is great customer service and she should be rewarded for thinking outside the box. Thanks Emily!

Steve Wright

Great little off the freeway burger King. Food was fast, and accurate. Went inside to use the restrooms and they were quite clean. We messed up ordering, when we went to fix the problem they were very helpful and even threw in a cookie.

Jason Malcolm

Burgers were good, and I think they were trying to kill snails with their fries.

Patrick Ackerman

I recommend you go somewhere else for food, this is definitely the worste burger King I have ever been to, I spent 25$ just for 2 meals, the patties were absolutely nastey and has a metal taste.



2510 E Cedar St, Rawlins, WY 82301, United States