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Branding Iron Reviews Casper WY

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 4.3 with 692 reviews about Branding Iron
City: Casper WY

Reviews of Branding Iron Casper WY

Brian Nallon

This is a place to visit if you love burgers. Great selection of burger options here. I had a very difficult deciding on which one I wanted. Everything came out quickly and cooked just right. Food was fantastic, and portion sizes were good.

Larry King

Looks, it's standard fair for Casper. However, if you can't manage to get a simple dish like poutine right, you might want to move in another direction. If your trying to be "High End" then have that show in the food. It was edible, but I won't be back with my money. Your better off going to the Office or Mouthful.


Had the Lubbock and the wife had boulder. Sweet potato fries were good, the boulder was okay. I added veggies to the Lubbock and it was alright. It was good but not something I'd come back to Casper for. If you're in the area and undecided, it won't disappoint.


You would think the “Branding Iron” in CASPER, WY would offer a good steak. Nope. Just burgers and one steak offering that the bar-tender was not enthusiastic about recommending. The burger was excellent.

Mitchell Carter

Honestly, pretty decent food. Don't pass up the chicken fried steak. But our waitress was rather hovery, it wasn't busy nor were there people waiting for a table. The bathroom was out of paper towels and the hand dryer thought I was a ghost apparently because it didn't turn on.



129 W 2nd St, Casper, WY 82601, United States