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Big Munchies Reviews Alexander AR

Restaurants Near Me Guide found user rating of 4.6 with 20 reviews about Big Munchies

Reviews of Big Munchies Alexander AR

SawyerWorks LLC

GREAT burgers and fries! So happy to have found this place while we were on a job. We love supporting local places. Wish their to-go cups were larger but NO COMPLAINTS! Really friendly staff too. We'll definitely return.


I can say without exaggeration this is among the best food experiences I've ever had. It's hard to find a place that does something so well it doesn't need extra help to be exceptional. The staff were mega friendly, and I really just felt like I was among familiar faces in a friendly neighborhood. They make burgers with the regular fixings so incredibly well that every bite was pure heaven. The burgers come in three sizes. I'm sure they would do extra if I asked but honestly I see no need. Their fries are uniquely seasoned, and just the right amount of crispy. It's the absurd attention to detail that really gets me. I could have been tricked into thinking they hand cooked every single french-fry. I still can't figure out what seasoning they use but I need more in my life. I also had some wings and onion rings because I'm here for a good time not a long time. The wings were perfect. Not an over or undercooked one in the basket. I had the staff recommended sauce (some sort of sweet hot barbecue mixture) that was just peak wing experience. Finally, onion rings which were a lovely golden color. They crunched without being overcooked. I've never had onion rings done so close to sheer perfection. I really enjoyed this and I genuinely hope more people get experience this place.

Tamara Dyer

Very good feeling place. I felt at home and the food was wonderful! Down to earth staff as well. Definitely will go back.

David Engle

The only two bad reviews here are from the same table and looks like it took place right after Big Munchies opened. That is not at all to say their reviews are wrong; I'd give the same stars if I had to wait an hour and a half and never get any food. (Also, I genuinely hope that couple sees this review and gives this place another shot) What I'm trying to say in a long-winded way is that Big Munchies is a place that absolutely everyone needs to experience. I'm sure there were some issues in the beginning, but they are firing on all cylinders now. The burgers, the fries, the corn fritters... everything was hot and seasoned and about as perfect as it gets. Don't come here looking for fancy art on the walls, or some brand-new take on food, or gluten-free options, or anything like that. Come here to feel like you walked into your favorite neighbor's kitchen and they just so happen to make some of the best comfort food you've ever tried and they'd like you to sit a spell and eat. I hope the folks who run this place get plenty of attention and business, because they sure as hell have earned it!

Justin Hooper

My sister told me they had good burgers. I want to say they are freaking awesome. Such great flavor. Told them they needed to add liver to the menu. So glad I stopped. Worth the money.



13420 3rd St, Alexander, AR 72002, United States